My Purpose is to Awaken You in the Healing Power of Plants

~ Amy Lichty, M.S., Clinical Herbalist

Here’s how clinical herbalism works

Health Assessment

A thorough intake assessment is obtained to understand your concerns and symptoms, and examine your health history, current medications, and recent laboratory results.

Personalized Wellness Formula

Your health needs are unique and so is the herbal formula created specifically for you.  Supplement recommendations may also be provided.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan

Personalized suggestions are made to address nutrition and lifestyle needs.  The goal is to provide you with a variety of ways to restore balance so your body can heal itself.

understanding your herbal consultation

What to Expect

Consultations take place by video conferencing. phone or in person.  The initial consultation is 1-1.5 hours.  In addition, time is spent researching and formulating your protocol.

For complex health issues, I use the Triune System, an energetically balanced formula, that addresses four areas of the body simultaneously and can affect the entire person.

A brief follow-up appointment is scheduled four weeks later, and your wellness plan is re-evaluated quarterly.

Safety of Herbs

When formulating your protocol, my research includes the safety of the selected herbs.  Some herbs can exacerbate a condition while others can help resolve it.  In addition, some herbs can interact with prescriptions to make the medication more or less potent.

That’s why it’s essential to work with a clinically trained herbalist who understands and can select the best herbal properties for your unique situation.

Areas of Focus